Best Mens Vegan Designer Belts

A Letter from Our Founder

Back in the early 2000's, when I started working for the City of Los Angeles, I started to look for vegan dress belts. I bought vegan belts online from a number of vegan retailers including some of those in existence today. All of those faux leather belts cracked and peeled. The idea of creating a better men’s vegan belt started from here because I wanted vegans and those who wanted to live an animal friendly, cruelty free lifestyle to have options that were on par or better than their leather counterparts.

The first part of the journey was finding the right material. We found that microfiber vegan leather is much, much more durable than the PU leather that is still used by most vegan brands. As a vegan brand, we're taking on the responsibility to show the world that ethical fashion can result in durable vegan belts and other vegan accessories. It's just a matter of sourcing and paying more for better materials. It brings me personal satisfaction that Doshi offers products using better non leather materials at prices on par with other designer vegan brands.

We're going to continuously push the envelope to bring you better vegan and eco-friendly belts. Our goal is to not only become one of the leading vegan brands but also become one of the leading sustainable accessory brands and sustainable clothing brands.

In Service,

Paras Doshi, Founder

P.S. On each of our vegan belt pages, there are two images to help you get the perfect size. When in doubt please use the more involved method. While we offer free exchanges on belts for size, we would rather save you a trip to the post office and save one more package from shipping and having environmental impact.

P.P.S. All of our belts come in a gift box and make the best gifts for vegans! Our wallets come in boxes as well. Make a vegan gift basket for your friend or loved one!

Why Choose Doshi Vegan Belts?

Belts are a standard in modern dress. You’re not considered office-ready without one, and your jeans may just fall if you forgo them in the work yard. That’s why we’re happy to offer non-leather designer belts for our environmentally-aware friends.

But why choose Doshi over any other men’s non leather belts? Well…

  • We’re intentionally animal friendly. No animal products are used in any of our pieces, from start to finish, and we’re dedicated to supporting organizations that protect animal rights. A purchase from Doshi is an investment in animal activism.
  • We’re intentionally environmentally conscious. Our products are made in the most environmentally friendly way possible, and we’re constantly pushing for better standards of eco-friendly production and sustainability.
  • Our belts are designed to be simple, sleek, and sophisticated. You get the big-brand design standards without the big-brand animal cruelty or environmental guilt.
  • We choose and use only the best materials for our products. Our founder dedicates his time to hand-selecting everything that goes into these belts. That means high-quality vegan leather and leather alternatives sourced from around the world, made to look good and last a lifetime.
  • The craftsmanship we put into every Doshi product, including our vegan leather belts, is second to none. Every belt is handmade by a skilled artisan – they’re truly one-of-a-kind pieces.
  • All of our products are rigorously tested for quality.We’re sliding, pulling, tightening, and rapid-fire unfastening to find all the usual (and unusual) problems and fix them before the vegan belt is ever in your hand.

These leather free belts are vegetarian, vegan, and unspecified-concerned-citizen-of-the-world friendly. If that doesn’t convince you, then maybe our stellar selection will.

Best Vegan Designer Men’s Belts

Our lineup of cruelty free belts for men covers everything from the professional to the modern, relaxed to sophisticated, and everything in between. With a great variety of designs, closures, and color options, we’re sure that Doshi has something for everyone.

As an added treat, each of our belts comes in its own gift box. That way, you can give your dad, brother, boyfriend, or even yourself (because we all love to splurge) a gift that gives back. A designer vegan belt is always a welcome addition to the closet!

1. Professional 1 Crossgrain Belt

The Professional Belt combines modern, crossgrain microfiber vegan leather with a gently flared, classic metal buckle. It’s the perfect belt for everyday use – for work, home, or a night out. Built to last, our Professional belt is just right for the hard-working man.

We've remade our original Professional belt which started it all. In the beginning, we started with a brown belt and black belt. Just a basic mens vegan dress belt with a clean, single-prong buckle and just a bit of style that would smartly set you apart from the average square. The crossgrain material makes the belt versatile and work for business casual events as well. Available belt sizes 28-44. Colors: black vegan belt, brown vegan belt.

A belt that is black on one side and brown on the other. The buckle is silver and square shaped.

2. Professional 2 Polished Chrome Belt

A newer, more modern version of the polished professional belt, the buckle on this belt is smoother and simpler. The Professional 2 belt combines durable microfiber with a clean polished chrome buckle. Its sleek, simple design makes it understated while helping it pull an outfit together.

While all of our Professional series of vegan belts are appropriate to be worn as a vegan dress belt, they are also perfect for other formal occasions such as weddings and make for the perfect vegan gift idea for graduations, birthdays, and father's day (don't get him another tie)! Available belt sizes 28-44. Colors: black vegan belt, brown vegan belt.

A black belt with a curved silver square buckle.


3. Auto 1 Belt

Want that perfect fit with a very subtle vegan belt?  Try the our vegan leather track belt.  It's a belt with no holes!  Just a track that provides a lot of adjustment potential for the perfect fit. Eat too much for lunch?  Surreptitiously pull the release lever and give yourself a little room.

The track belt (also called a ratchet belt) was originally popularized in the 1970's and then made a come back over the last ten years. Our take?  To provide you with the best vegan leather belts. Anything they can do, we can do vegan.

Available belt sizes 28-44. Colors: black vegan belt w/ silver buckle, black vegan belt w/ matte black buckle.

A black belt with a black auto-style square buckle.

4. Polished Gunmetal Belt

Most men prefer simplicity.  A classic, vegan gentleman appreciates simplicity with a little bit of detail.  The Polished Gunmetal Belt combines durable vegan microfiber leather with a gently detailed, polished gunmetal buckle.

The vegan strap features a subtle grain and the bi-level buckle features a thin line that runs the perimeter of the buckle. The buckle's rounded edges make it luxurious to the touch and complete making this a luxury vegan belt.

Available waist sizes 28-44. Color: black vegan belt

A black belt with a gunmetal colored square buckle.

5.   Metallic Silver Square 2 Belt

The Metallic Silver Square buckle is born from the black version.  The buckle on this belt is simple with clean lines.  The Metallic Black Square 2 Belt combines durable microfiber vegan leather with a metallic silver buckle. Wearing your jeans or khankis with brown shoes, get this vegan jeans belt in brown. Wearing your jeans with black shoes, get a vegan jeans belt in black! It's pretty easy to be a well sorted guy. 

Available waist sizes 28-44. Colors: black vegan belt, brown vegan belt

A black belt with a silver square buckle.

6.  Metallic Black Square 2 belt

A newer, simpler version of our original Metallic Black Square vegan belt, the buckle on this belt is simpler with cleaner lines.  The Metallic Black Square 2 Belt combines durable microfiber vegan leather with a clean metallic black buckle. The metallic square line of belts are a little wider than our professional belts. They are appropriate for jeans or business casual attire.

Available waist sizes 28-44. Color: black vegan belt

A black belt with a black square buckle.

7. Auto Doshi Belt

With a sports car like appearance, the Auto Doshi vegan ratchet belt combines modern, cruelty free vegan leather with an adjustable, Doshi signature automatic buckle. Available belt sizes 28-44. Colors: black vegan belt, blue vegan belt.

While it is predominantly men who buy the vegan collection of our mens designer vegan belts, we have women shopping our mens vegan belt section as well as belts are often unisex.

A black belt with a thick gunmetal colored buckle bearing the brand name Doshi.


We’re not about to forget the ladies with our belt lineup! For those who want something slimmer and more tailor-made, our vegan women’s belts are the perfect choice. We’ve got options for simplicity and stand-out design, meaning there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Want to know something amazing? These belts come in their own gift boxes as well. Talk about an unconventional Mother’s Day present!

1. Women's Square Reversible Belt

Our Square Reversible Belt is a slim 1" wide belt with a square, reversible buckle.
You get two colors (one on each side) for each belt!
Some colors come with a gold buckle and some come with a silver buckle.  Please check the picture to determine what color buckle your belt comes with.

A belt that is black on one side and light tan on the other. The buckle is silver and square shaped.

2. Women's Gold Ring Belt

Our Gold Ring Belt is a wide belt with a solid gold-colored buckle for a retro aesthetic. Its bigger profile makes it a perfect statement piece, while the wide variety of color options mean you can add it to practically any outfit.

It comes in sizes 28-40 and in four color options: black, brown, red, and white.

A brown belt with a gold, circular buckle.