Best Vegan Women's Handbags

Best Vegan Handbags

When we set out to create the best vegan leather bags, the most important consideration was what non leather bag material to use. Our research led us to the materials we use today. From microfiber based vegan leather to Kraft paper, our materials are luxurious, durable, and eco-friendly. Only the best vegan handbags brands make vegan purses and handbags from material of the same quality.

Kraft Paper Vegan Tote

You'll find no leather handbags here! The Debut Kraft Paper Tote is a simple bag made from a durable Kraft Paper which does not break down when wet. Kraft Paper is a unique material largely made from cellulose and therefore largely biodegradable. 


Debut Kraft Paper Vegan Backpack 1.5

How many vegan leather bag brands give you more options than the basic PU leather?  Animal friendly handbags and backpacks like the one below are easily made with the same Kraft paper as that used for our tote above.


Lady Bag 

On our mission to become the preeminent vegan designer bags brand, we had to make a statement bag.  This is it.

Our top handle vegan bag is now in its second incarnation. Our Lady Bag remains at the top of our statement luxury vegan handbags.  The redesigned second version is larger, equipped with taller feet, and a stainless steel logo.  

The Lady Bag comes in its original black and camel colors, and adds three more: Black Alligator, Red, and Beige Printed.  With two options for the perfect black vegan handbag including the best faux leather handbag with alligator print, you can't go wrong!

Satchel Brief

The Satchel Brief is the largest of our vegan leather handbags and can double as a workbag or a small, organized weekender bag.  We spent a great deal of time developing the flap to make it not too stiff but with enough spring to close right back into place and easily close. The handles are long enough to wear over the shoulder and the longer strap can be use to make this a vegan shoulder bag or crossbody.

Portfolio Bag

 Little Camera Bag

Featuring short and wide crossbody straps, the Little Camera Bag brings pops of color and happiness to a versatile vegan purse that can be strapped on either the sides or back and also worn around the waist attached to a belt (not included).  It's piped edges and weighty hardware give it the touch of quality that make this vegan leather purse stand out.  It's our little bundle of joy.

Weekender Tote

Vegan bags and purses don't get more classy than this. It's perfect to get away for the weekend with. It's made from an ultra durable, crossgrain microfiber vegan leather shell and features great organization.  The Weekender Tote can also be used as a Diaper tote but will likely be a little large for your 9 to 5.

Weekender Tote

Evening Clutch

The Clutch is a patchwork of material, design, and metal. In becoming one of the top vegan leather brands, we go the extra mile to make the best vegan bags. The black vegan leather on this bag comes from Japan where the factory that makes this material, makes the base from recycled plastic bottles, uses less energy, less solvents, and less water.

Doshi Clutch - Vegan

Bucket Bag

Simple, clean and smart, the Bucket Bag is one of our many simple yet functional non leather purses made from a beautiful, rich, and durable, Microfiber PU vegan leather shell.

Doshi Bucket Bag - Vegan - Doshi FCSA



 Debut Casual Tote

The Debut Tote is simple yet functional non leather handbag made from a durable, Microfiber PU vegan leather shell.  The Brown Floral version is made from a durable Kraft Paper which does not break down when wet.

Debut Casual Tote Seconds - Vegan - Doshi FCSA

Portrait Suede Bag

The Portrait Suede vegan satchel bag is a soft structured, durable, classy bag to throw your stuff in and go.  The Portrait Suede Bag is made with beautiful, rich, and durable, vegan microfiber suede.

Doshi Portrait Suede Bag - Vegan - Doshi FCSA

Debut Portrait Tote

The Debut Vegan Tote is simple yet functional cruelty free purse made from Tyvek.  Tyvek is a recyclable plastic and a vegan alternative that looks similar to leather. This is combo is one of our lightest vegan wallets and purses, and currently one of the most affordable vegan handbags available.

Debut Portrait Tote - Vegan - Doshi FCSA

Crossbody Phone Bag

When you need just the essentials, our phone bag holds your phone and three credit cards, doubling as your vegan pocketbook. Does your phone never really leave your hands?  Use this bag to put away your mask!

Crossbody Phone Bag - Doshi FCSA

A few notes about what we do:

Doshi is a PETA certified vegan purse brand.

Vegan purses and bags don't have to be complicated. To be the best of the vegan bags brands, you combine great factories, great design, and great materials, you have a winning combination.  A luxury vegan handbag combines the best of these ingredients. We've spent the last several years putting all of these components in place. When you shop vegan leather, be sure to avoid brands which simply state things like "highest quality PU leather."  This is an oxymoron. High quality vegan handbags start with microfiber vegan leather.

Some people ask are these vegan handbags made in USA? They're not. Our goal is to provide value and we can maximize the value to you with overseas production.

Some would call us a faux leather designer handbags brand, but we try to stay away from being the idea that we are making "luxury faux leather handbags" as the term "faux" denotes lesser quality. Instead, we're on a mission to become one the best vegan handbag brands or vegan leather purse brands. Whether you need a black vegan purse or a red vegan satchel purse we're your brand for vegan bags online and at all of the vegfests, vegan events, and animal rights conferences we do in person!